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Introduction to the use of Rio Tinto LES series refrigerant electronic scales

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Refrigerant is a substance that easily absorbs heat and turns into gas, while also releasing heat and turning into liquid. We use refrigerants in refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning systems, and commercial cold storage facilities. The refrigerant used has a certain period of time, so the addition and recovery of refrigerant become extremely important. But adding refrigerant is not an easy task.

Taking the air conditioning system as an example, relying solely on the pressure value displayed by the refrigerant pressure gauge cannot determine whether the refrigerant added to the air conditioning system can be fully filled. The most effective filling technique is to weigh and add refrigerant using an electronic scale. When pouring, using an electronic scale can accurately measure the amount of refrigerant poured until the required amount is reached.

In fact, the weighing and filling method is the only truly correct method, which is applicable to any refrigeration system. As long as the manufacturer indicates the correct filling amount of the refrigeration equipment on the nameplate, electronic scales can be used for weighing and filling after the system is completely dried and evacuated.

With the advancement of technology, the refrigerant electronic scale, as an important tool for refrigerant filling, is constantly being innovated and its effectiveness is becoming more and more significant.

Product features:

● Large base design to prevent rollover ● Rubber base protection to prevent collision ● High precision sensors for precise measurement ● LCD backlight display for clearer clarity ● Scale handle design for easy carrying ● Horizontal beads on the scale for easy placement ● Accurate preparation of refrigerant filling and recycling volume alarm

Schematic diagram of refrigerant filling