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Operation method of refrigerant recovery machine

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Operation of refrigerant recovery machine (gas liquid) recovery mode

If liquid appears in the compressor at position "2", the knob can be slowly turned to the "start" position;

At this point, the indicated value of the low-pressure gauge decreases until the impact stops;

But do not lower the pressure value to 0, as the air inlet does not draw air when it drops to 0

If there is a power outage or difficulty in restarting, you can turn the knob to the "Start" position, then turn on the power and press the start button;

If the knob is turned to "1" position for operation, stable liquid recovery can be achieved, but the recovery speed is relatively slow;

After the liquid recovery is completed, turn the knob to "2" position, which can improve the gas recovery speed;

Run this device to the required vacuum level, end the recovery, and then start self cleaning