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Evaporator malfunction in cold storage maintenance

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  The evaporator of a cold storage unit rarely malfunctions,and the abnormalities of the evaporator are mostly caused by the abnormalities of other equipment.So the main faults that can occur in the evaporator of a cold storage are circuit or pipeline connection faults,severe or non frost formation,and blockage of the inner tube.
  1.Circuit or pipeline connection failure
  Fault situation:Due to circuit aging,human damage,insect and mouse damage,etc.,the connection between the evaporator's wires and copper pipes may be disconnected or loose,which can cause the fan of the fan to not rotate or refrigerant to leak.
  Repair method:Check the connections of wires,pipelines,etc.,and re reinforce the connections.
  2.Severe or no frost formation
  Fault situation:Due to prolonged failure to defrost and high humidity in the warehouse,the evaporator may deform and frost severely.Due to the malfunction of defrosting devices such as electric heating wires or water spraying equipment on the evaporator,it can lead to difficulty or failure in defrosting the evaporator.
  Repair method:Check the defrosting device,repair or replace the defrosting device.Use tools and manually defrost.When defrosting,it is prohibited to use hard objects to strike the frost and avoid damaging the evaporator.
  3.Inner tube blockage
  Fault situation:Due to the presence of debris in the refrigeration system,debris enters the evaporator pipeline,causing blockage in the pipeline.If there is water vapor in the refrigeration system,it will freeze and cause pipeline blockage.
  Repair method:Use nitrogen to blow the air,replace the refrigerant,and remove any debris and moisture from the refrigeration system.